The ramayana narayan chapter reviews

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The ramayana narayan chapter reviews

It has less lecturing than the Bhagavad Gita and more ethical and moral dimensions to it. I enjoyed it more. It is about Rama, the son of a king in a fictitious kingdom in some forgotten time.

He is adored by his family and his people.

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One day a sage comes by and requests Rama come with him to complete a ritual in a remote place. During the journey Rama completes several great deeds even as a child, convincing the sage and others he is the rein An interesting shortened version of the Indian epic.


During the journey Rama completes several great deeds even as a child, convincing the sage and others he is the reincarnation of a god, Vishnu. He finds a stunning bride, Sita, on the way back as well.

The ramayana narayan chapter reviews

On the eve of his coronation, his stepmother approaches his father, the king, and holds him to a promise he made when they first met long ago. He granted her two wishes or boons, that she could request at any time.

She had her own ambitions for herself and her son, and so decided to cash in on his promise. He is to exile Rama and place her own son on the throne instead. It is a question of honor and so the king agrees.

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Rama is cast out into the forest, his wife is stolen by a demon, which leads to a great campaign to rescue her and destroy the demon hordes in the forests and frontiers of the world. Entertaining, great descriptions, and interesting characters make this story pretty easy to get through, even for a westerner.

You get a glimpse of ancient Indian culture, especially the concepts of honor, duty, divinity, and romance. Polygamy is practiced as is the subjugation of women to an inferior status. The sexism in the story is pretty thick, but no more than the sexism from our own ancient and medieval western stories.

I had serious problems with one particular part of the story: Rama's rejection of Sita once she is rescued from the demons. He is bothered by the fact that she's been living in a stranger's palace for months.

Never mind that she was kidnapped and is held against her will by a vicious demon. If she relented in her defiance of the demon's advances, even once, he was ready to reject her.

The ramayana narayan chapter reviews

In other words, if she was raped, he didn't want her back as his wife. She wasn't raped and didn't relent, so the story could continue to its happy ending. The interesting twist is that several characters are incarnations of gods, but they don't know it. They are born with a blindspot to their true identity, only aware that they have gifts and must play a special role.

Here, Vishnu is Rama but doesn't know it. He lives and acts as a mortal, granted one with some godlike powers. Gods and goddesses are capable of mistakes when in human or non-divine form, as Rama did when he let a demon trick him, lure him out of his home allowing the demon to kidnap his wife.

The Ramayana

It was enjoyable overall and didn't take long, thanks to its shortened modern prose.The Ramayana study guide contains literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

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The Ramayana by R. K. Narayan |

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