The flaws in the american health care system

Ezra Klein November 2, Of all the countries surveyed in a recent poll, Americans were the least likely to report relative satisfaction with their health care. Here are ten major ways our system is failing us. My chance of surviving prostate cancer in England?

The flaws in the american health care system

The average life span is now 84 years for women and 81 years for men. This can be attributed in part to falling mortality rates from heart attacks and strokes.

Inone in five people was 65 or older.

According to the survey, a host of European countries — including Canada, Australia, France, Germany, and Switzerland — ranked the highest in access to health care. Without correcting the fundamental structural flaws in health care financing, overall health care costs will remain poorly controlled. Though our clinical outcomes are mediocre by comparison [1], the average per capita cost of health care in the United States is twice that of other modern nations [2]. The health care system in the U.S. must provide appropriate health care to all people within the U.S. borders, without unreasonable financial barriers to care.

On the other hand, the number of children born in Sweden has been increasing each year since the late s. Shared responsibility The responsibility for health and medical care in Sweden is shared by the central government, county councils and municipalities.

The Health and Medical Service Act regulates the responsibilities of county councils and municipalities, and gives local governments more freedom in this area. The role of the central government is to establish principles and guidelines, and to set the political agenda for health and medical care.

It does this through laws and ordinances or by reaching agreements with the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions SALARwhich represents the county councils and municipalities. Decentralised health care Responsibility for providing health care is devolved to the county councils and, in some cases, municipal governments.

County councils are political bodies whose representatives are elected by county residents every four years on the same day as national general elections.

Swedish policy states that every county council must provide residents with good-quality health and medical care, and work to promote good health for the entire population.

County councils are also responsible for dental care for local residents up to the age of For specialist visits, there is a maximum fee of SEK There is a similar ceiling for prescription medication, so nobody pays more than SEK 2, in a given month period.

Shared medical care Sweden is divided into municipalities and 20 county councils. Three of the county councils: There is no hierarchical relation between municipalities, county councils and regions.

Around 90 per cent of the work of Swedish county councils concerns health care, but they also deal with other areas such as culture and infrastructure. Chronic diseases that require monitoring and treatment, and often life-long medication, place significant demands on the system.

International co-operation Greater mobility among EU citizens has increased the need for cooperation on health and medical care. Sweden is actively involved in collaborating on specialised care, improving patient safety and enhancing patient influence.

Many of the challenges confronting Swedish health care can also be seen in other countries, and include issues of access, quality, efficiency and funding. One priority area is patient safety.

In earlySweden enacted a new patient safety law which provides everyone affected by health care — patients, consumers and family members — new opportunities to influence health care content. The aim is to make it easier to report cases of wrong treatment. Health care ICT and quality National eHealth National eHealth is aimed at making better use of information and communications technology to improve health and medical care and make it more efficient.

Examples include electronic patient records, e-prescriptions and websites providing health care information. Measuring quality The National Patient Survey provides an annual measurement of how patients see the quality of health care.

Questions concern treatment, patient involvement, confidence in care and information.


The results are used to develop and improve care based on the patient perspective. The Health Care Barometer is a survey reflecting attitudes, knowledge and expectations relating to Swedish health care. This is compiled each year by every county council and region.

Elderly in Sweden have the right to receive care in their own homes. As a result, Sweden introduced a health care guarantee in After an initial examination, no patient should have to wait more than 90 days to see a specialist, and no more than 90 days for an operation or treatment, once it has been determined what care is needed.

If the waiting time is exceeded, patients are offered care elsewhere; the cost, including any travel costs, is then paid by their county council. Statistics from indicate that about Focus on Swedish midwives Sweden has long had trained professional midwives.

The flaws in the american health care system

Research shows this has resulted in a sharp reduction in mortality among women in childbirth.Pros and Cons of French Health Care The health care system in France is widely known to provide the best offers in medical operations and public healthcare around the globe.

Their system of health care has been proven to work and serve all local citizens. Of course, we must address the problems that beset healthcare but lambasting the entire public hospital system is an ill-conceived way of inspiring change. At best, it disillusions patients, at.

The health care system in the U.S. must provide appropriate health care to all people within the U.S. borders, without unreasonable financial barriers to care.

There is no shortage of challenges or skeptics, but those of us closest to the work believe that value-based care models, such as accountable care, are the perfect laboratory to drive change because they tackle one of the fundamental flaws in American health care – the payment system.

To answer the specific question, the healthcare system is roughly the same as brfore, but with the added stress of millions more people using up resources.

That is the major change, as most people got their insuramce, and thus their healthcare through the same means they do now. Nov 18,  · Even as Americans struggle with the changes required by health care reform, an international survey released last week by the Commonwealth Fund, a research organization, shows why change is so necessary.

Reform Principles of the U.S. Health Care System