Operations management strategy of hard rock cafe marketing essay

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Operations management strategy of hard rock cafe marketing essay

Hard Rock Cafe Inc. Founded in London inthe company developed its brand through the themed restaurant experience. Customers are typically greeted with an ambiance of rock and roll.

The company experienced significant growth and expansion in the s. Today, Hard Rock Cafe is diversified, with operations in the food service themed restaurants industry, gaming casino industry, and hospitality hotel industry. The company has also achieved global status, with restaurants, hotels, and casinos in more than 70 countries.

Inthe Seminole Tribe of Florida bought the company. At that point, the Hard Rock Cafe Inc. This business case is an example of how the differentiation generic strategy can support business development.

Operations management strategy of hard rock cafe marketing essay

Also, this case of Hard Rock Cafe sheds light on the importance of effective operations management to facilitate business growth and expansion in industries with high competition. Also relevant are the productivity principles and concepts on personnel and other areas of the business organization.

The goal is to develop operations that satisfy business objectives, while minimizing problems that cause inefficiency of operations. At Hard Rock Cafe, these 10 decisions are applied to ensure that the brand, company reputation, and financial targets are met.

Service and Product Design. Hard Rock Cafe applies service and product design decisions to maintain the Hard Rock ambiance and brand image. Managers assess different attributes of target markets and apply modifications to the products and services to suit the specific demands of the local market.

Still, these products and services consistently follow the general specifications of the Hard Rock Cafe brand image. Hard Rock Cafe applies quality management by maintaining a specific quality assessment role for the operations manager.

Recommended changes are then applied to ensure compliance throughout Hard Rock Cafe.

Operations management strategy of hard rock cafe marketing essay

For example, the company adjusts quality rules as a response to changes in the market condition, with consideration for social trends that affect the business. Process and Capacity Design.

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Internal business processes include food preparation, order routing, reservations, and others. The target capacity of Hard Rock Cafe facilities is based on the condition of the local markets.

The company applies process and capacity design decisions to maximize capacity utilization. Capacity planning is adjusted to address changes in demand based on seasonal events in the local market, such as festivals and holidays.

Hard Rock Cafe decides about the location of its businesses based on market analysis and industry analysis. Market research is applied to determine if the market can support a Hard Rock Cafe in terms of revenue and profitability targets.A valid e-mail address.

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