How to write a reggae bass lines

This set is the most advanced example of that work. This set as to be heard to be believed.

How to write a reggae bass lines

I find it some what tricky writing about reggae vocals because it so complex and at the same time not completely dissimilar to other genres.

how to write a reggae bass lines

Nonetheless, here are some things to bear in mind about reggae vocals, if you aspire to be like the great reggae singers. Contrary to what many believe most reggae vocals are done in English and not in Jamaican. It can also be done in the native tongue or local vernacular of a particular people or country.

Having said that, reggae was made popular to a very large extent by the Jamaican artists and many people believe that to sound authentic, your reggae vocals should maintain the integrity of its Jamaican roots.

If you are an aspiring reggae vocalist I would say in addition to listening to Jamaican reggae artists, you should also listen to all forms of reggae from around the globe to get a good feel of how the various artists approach reggae vocals. To be considered a serious reggae vocalist or artists for that matter, you need to master the art of singing obviouslyChanting talking over a beatDJing which is pronounce as deejaying the technique the Dancehall artists use and Sing-J a mixed between singing DJing.

To understand the last reggae vocals technique, do a quick YouTube search on Sizzla or Anthony B and you will see what I mean. If your reggae vocals mainly involve singing then I suppose you will be ok.

But if you want to sound truly authentic then you will have to study all the techniques. This really does help. Probably an example here will help. International reggae artist Gentleman lived in Jamaica for a very long time eating, sleeping and breathing the music and developing his reggae vocals repertoire.

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When people first heard him they did not know he was German because of the authenticity with which he delivered his reggae vocals. Others like Christafari the Christian gospel reggae Group have done the same. Do a quick YouTube search to find out more on them.

This is just one way but you can always buy the music of the artists that best reflects your reggae vocals style and learn their tunes back and front. What to sing about?

With this in mind then your reggae vocals could reflect love, social, political and spiritual matters - The things that really matter to people.

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It really does make the difference though. I will leave you with this quote from Marley. Click link for more on the history of reggae vocals.Mar 05,  · Throughout the history of reggae, various bass lines have been recycled and those lines have often transcended the various reggae styles.

In some cases, the re-appropriation of certain bass lines has helped define a sub-style (the use of classic studio one bass lines during the birth of dancehall in the late 70s, for example). Consider writing the bass line so it accents alternating beats with the rhythm guitar.

Don't write a lot of movement in your reggae song. The solid groove (the off-beat rhythm) is the feel you want to carry your song through to the end.

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Aug 11,  · The upright bass (otherwise known as the double bass or string bass) can play basslines well, especially in certain genres of jazz.

The lower register of the piano can also play basslines. If you really wanted to stretch it, you could play a bassline with a low wind instrument, such as a trombone or a bari sax%(). Add some fat bottom end to your beats with some free bass loops for Garageband and Logic.

For Decades the bass guitar and the upright double bass have been solidifying the basic structure of songs in a way that no other instrument can. Like drum & bass and jungle before it, dubstep showcases the inventiveness of British urban music.

We explain some of its fundamental production techniques, from 'wobbly' bass lines to . I was raised from when I was a teen around musicians like bassist Haile Maskel (The Rastafarians) back in the day, he played all this heavy bass, I am influenced by this aspect of roots reggae – heavy bass lines in my songwriting.”.

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