F1 strategic capabilities

The combination provides a Type V distribution with a main beam of 67 degrees vertical. This combination is suited for intersection, garage, low-bay and other general lighting applications.

F1 strategic capabilities

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File image of US president Donald Trump. While the Trump administration is moving ahead with its plans to implement this designation for India, the NDAA for seeks to give it a legislative cover. The NDAA has also asked the US to work towards mutual security objectives by expanding engagement in multilateral frameworks, including the Quadrilateral Dialogue between India, the US, Japan and Australia, to defend shared values and common interests in the rules-based order.

So far, so good. A conference report refers to the final version of a Bill that is negotiated between the House of Representatives and the Senate through conference committee. Afghanistan president Ashraf Ghani has been keen to begin peace negotiations with the Taliban, and has already offered peace talks without preconditions.

But the Taliban views the regime in Kabul as illegitimate and refuses to engage. A key Taliban demand for holding talks has been the removal of all foreign troops.

F1 strategic capabilities

Washington earlier insisted that the Taliban must negotiate with Kabul. However, things are changing very fast. If talking directly to the Taliban was a taboo until recently, it is now seen in Washington as the only way forward to peace in Afghanistan.

However, he allowed himself to be persuaded by the Pentagon to give another shot at increasing US troops in Afghanistan. He also criticised Pakistan, terming it deceitful while praising India for its development work in Afghanistan.

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But what could India expect from the highly unpredictable Trump whose tendencies have proved destabilising?

If a breakthrough in the talks with the Taliban is achieved, it will help the US get out of its longest war ever, and Trump can take credit for that. Although New Delhi has been against Washington holding direct talks with the Taliban, the Doha meeting did not have any representation from the Ghani-led Kabul government.

F1 strategic capabilities

There are credible reports of the Trump administration asking its Indian interlocutors to give up their antagonism to the Taliban and agree to the strategy of co-opting them in order to break the stalemate. With Washington on board, Pakistan feels emboldened to execute its plan to rehabilitate the Taliban into governing structure of the Afghan State.

The politically-turbulent geostrategic environment prevailing in Afghanistan presents huge challenge for India. There is nothing wrong with dealing with all sides in the Afghan dispute, including the Taliban, provided New Delhi is assured that Afghan soil will not be used against India.

Hence, there must be a renewed emphasis on framing Indian-Afghan ties around culture, democracy and connectivity: Afghanistan is of huge geopolitical importance to India and there is an immense reservoir of goodwill among ordinary Afghans for India.OBIEE Sample Application combines the technologies of Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation 12c together in a standalone virtual box image creating a comprehensive OOB collection of examples and integrations designed to demonstrate Oracle BI capabilities, product integrations, and design best.

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